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Today I am bringing some amazing news to you all, for all you fans of the Alien series (and haters of Colonial Marines) there has been a huge announcement by SEGA that there will be 2 pieces of DLC available to players who pre-order the up and coming Alien Isolation game. The DLC comprises of two missions set back on the Nostromo, not only this but they have managed to reunite all of the original actors excluding Ian Holm (Ash). This will be the first time that Sigourney Weaver has taken on the role of Ellen Ripley in 17 years (Not that we really count Resurrection as part of the series). Originally the DLC was only going to be available to people who had pre-ordered but due to the high feedback from gamers SEAG has now confirmed that both missions will be available for download after purchase (Thank you stars!)

The missions that you will have access to are as follows.

Crew Expendable: Taking place moments after the death of Brett, it sees players assuming the role of Ripley, Dallas or Parker, as the crew of the Nostromo attempt to flush the alien from the air vents and into the ship’s airlock. Depending on which character you choose, you’ll have a slightly different perspective on events and will begin with different resources.

Last Survivor:  Set during the film’s dramatic finale, you play as Ripley and must activate the Nostromo’s self-destruct sequence and reach the Narcissus shuttle in order to escape.

The idea of these scenarios is to give the player a “What If” feel as SEGA believes that they would’t have been able to recreate the exact moments from the film just because the film itself did it so perfectly. During these missions you will have a fair bit of free roam to allow you to explore the doomed ship, so for all you Alien fan boys and girls it is going to be like a dream come true (I am even getting a semi writing this)

Personally for me after the disaster that was Colonial Marines (They should have saved Hudson… not Hicks and of course the gameplay was just awful) I am seriously excited to be able to take on these missions and have them voiced by the cast. It is such a magic moment to know that these actors have all come back together to bring this to life for the fans.

Just thinking… is it bad that I used to have a serious crush on these two women back in the day…

vasquez Ellen_Ripley_Alien_1978

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  1. Colonial Marines was probably the worst game I’ve played. The demon was graphically better then the game. I feel sorry for anyone who spent £40 on what was effectively a glorified tea coaster. I think I got about 5 minutes out of it before taking it out and never playing it again.

  2. Yeah… I made that mistake, pre-order and everything. Worst purchase I have made and I have made a few.

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