Welcome to Classic Corner: Punching you hard with nostalgia.

We all have our favourite childhood video games. Whether it’s Mario Cart, Pokémon or the Final Fantasy series, they have left a distinct impression upon us. Here at Classic Corner, I will be revisiting these games and reasons why people should replay them. I mainly grew up with a Gameboy and PS1, so I spend half my time playing Pokémon Yellow and Dino Crisis. What eight year old passes up the opportunity to shoot a T-Rex in the face?


When I feel sad, I like to imagine a T-Rex putting on a hat.

There are many reasons to go back and play an old game. For some it’s a villain. Kefka from Final Fantasy VI is a prime example. Not only does he have a creepy laugh, Kefka has brilliant one liners, a flamboyant personality and reaches his goal of destroying the freakin’ world.  Although I like Sephiroth, his mother complex and urge to clash swords with Cloud does make me think of Freud.

batshit crazy

If a man dresses like this in public, you know he’s not afraid of anything.

But for others, the story makes them revisit games. An arc such as Resident Evil has me going back for more. It’s a video game that made zombies cool. Hipster moment over. In the first few games of the series has the player survive Racoon City and develops into stopping bio terrorism. Through it, the player roots for Jill and Chris to make to the helicopter or that Claire finds her brother. Some people just played it just to butcher a few zombies. These arcs, missions and characters have us going back for more.

We go back because of the challenges and mini games. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for Gameboy Colour might have been glitch galore and crappy graphics. But hell if I didn’t dedicate endless hours to beating my Headless Bowling high score. It reached Meta proportions when Wii Sports came out. Its game entirely made up of Mini games. Wii Sports was a way of competing with your friends without leaving the house and still doing sports. Whether your friends at the end depends on anyone being a sore loser.


Hogwarts: Casually having bones lying around for bowling.

Despite the chunky graphics such as Tomb Raider and Lara’s cheese wedge boobs, games still had their redeeming qualities like the battle system or amazing soundtrack. There will always be flaws we forgive games for like the voice acting in Final Fantasy X. There have been characters which we wished would just shut up (Navi anyone?) and glitches which have forced us to reload despite getting a good way into the game. These series have left a cultural impact but also spawned countless remakes or sequels.

tomb riader

Cheddar anyone?


I will be going over the good, the underrated and downright ugly of the olden days.  This will include delights such as Superman 64, which is famous for is awful… well everything. The graphics alone require you to resist the urge to rip our your own eyeballs. WarioLand 3 for its imaginative bosses and awesome Mini games which didn’t get the acclaim it deserved (in my opinion anyway). And of course, Silent Hill 2, despite its dated appearance and combat, it still has awesome music, excellent pacing and bloody terrifying monsters.

superman 64

Wasn’t this a David Bowie movie?


So, buckle up for the nostalgia ride because it might be a little bumpy. That or mildly annoying.  I will be replaying games I haven’t been near in years in order to see whether they live up to the memories or full flat. The first blog post will be of the 1995 classic Rayman, which was my first video game. Gingerbolt away!

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