Trials Fusion PS4 review

Upon purchasing the PS4, Kuniku and I were browsing through what other titles were on offer to start our game collection. Trials Fusion was among the few that  made us go ahead and spend a few pennies on a game which we have definitely played for more than a few hours!

Now that I’ve got to the Extreme levels which are driving me to the point of insanity, I thought it would be rather fitting to write a review to encourage more folks to get involved and get on the bike! Trials Fusion is also on XBOX One and PC, but as I don’t have one of those this review is based on my PS4 experience.


First off, it’s a Ubisoft/Redlynx game so if you’re a fan of their work then you will hopefully like it for the gameplay and the visually stunning courses that are ready to for you to tackle. The background music is a little mix of futuristic and pumping club tunes to help you get in the groove of each level. Straight away the menu screen invites you to Ride and if you love to jump straight into a game then click on this bad boy and get ready for some training in career mode. There is also Create section where you can play on tracks created by clever and sometimes harsh folks which are great fun to conquer which is certainly worth checking out once you get the hang of the controls and tricks.



The training levels get you to grips with the controls and the techniques you’ll need to get through the levels as they get more difficult as you go along, so it’s definitely worth doing them a couple of times if you’re a newbie like me. If you already have friends who play the game as well, their ghost times ride along with you. This is a good indicator of how you’re getting on but also encourages you to improve so you can get medals which in turn unlock the next career section as the difficulty increases.
You use different bikes for some of the courses as they require a little more power or are better for the trick based levels. I personally use the Pit Viper a lot and it does come in handy once you’ve moved through the easier levels and need a little more precision while you play. You can customise your bike and rider too, but there is no upgrading so to speak, just making everything look cool and more personalised for your gaming pleasure.


As the courses get more difficult, you get the training you need to conquer the tricks and obstacles but are told not to forget that if you crash you can go back to the last checkpoint rather than starting from the beginning, which is very handy in the Expert and Extreme sections later. There are three challenges on most of the courses encourage you to gain XP and level up your rider. These challenges can be a little comical at times, trick based, flip-tastic or require you to sacrifice your pride over having the best time and to just get through the course without having any crashes or faults. This is also true of when earning your medals. Times are part of the process of beating everyone else, but getting through without making many faults is the key to getting Gold and later Platinum medals.


And then there’s this guy… seek out the squirrels that are hiding in the levels and just to warn you, they are a little creepy…

As you progress, you’ll get the hang of landing right and ‘bunny hopping’ in order to get through the obstacle courses but when it comes to some of the later ones, if you don’t turn into some raging beast that shouts and curses at the screen when you hit the 30 minute limit to get through the level or hit 500 faults which ends your run, then I truly envy your calm nature.


The thing I love about this game is it’s never boring… just mildly frustrating when you think you’ve got past the hardest part of the course and then the most improbable obstacle is up next and you spend 15 minutes trying to get over it using up about 200 faults in the process. At the time of writing this, I have actually only completed ONE of the Extreme courses and the rest are helping get my very low blood pressure up!

So this has been an overly wordy first review for me (SORRY!) but it definitely is a game worth giving a chance if you’ve got the gizmos to play on. Overall, I really enjoy playing this game because you can pick up from where you left off , play for hours and rage to your hearts content. But I like that you can also create your own tracks to challenge other riders (check out RedLynx youtube for videos). I frequently stream this game on my Twitch channel so keep an eye out for when I’m online to watch me turn into the Hulk!


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